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When preforming unprotected intercourse the male does not pullout during climax. He simply "pulls out" of his partners life and flees the country, avoiding all risks of fathering a child. (Originated in Puerto Rico)
Jim did the Puerto Rican pullout last night, haven't seen him since. {to preform the Puerto Rican pullout
by Bush did 9/11 March 31, 2015
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When Ray Navaez Jr. is escaping danger and leaves everyone to fight.
This shit is getting intense. Time to pull a Puerto Rican Pullout
See you bitches this Puerto Rican is Pulling out.
*Here Ray laughing as shit goes from bad to worse*
by Bleuinator July 20, 2016
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When your having sex with a girl and your about to cum pull out and snort a line off her butt
Yo Jeff do a puerto rican pullout on that bitch!

Dont be a pussy puerto rican pullout that hoe!
by 8o5 September 25, 2013
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When instead of wearing a condom you just pull out and splurge all over the girls back when you are about to cum.
Also that thing that they told you not to do in sex Ed but only bitches don't
Don't be a bitch, lose the condom and Puerto Rican pull out you pussy
by Dothejohnwall February 25, 2015
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