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Can be loosesly defined as participating in some form of intercourse with a puerto rican, mexican, dutch, or any other female.

Before beginning this said intercourse, its a very good idea for both participants to eat at least two well balanced meals containing greasy food and grains.

When things are getting all hot and heavy, the 'lady' (not likely an appropriate title in this context) she evacuates her bowels in their entirety.
While the excrement is leaving the anus in a pretzel like form, the 'gentleman' pours 12oz of rum down her spine so that it evenly coats the 'pretzel'
When this rum-coated goodie treat has passed onto the ground/someone else's chest, you can grate your favorite type of cheese on it for looks.

Done deal.
What's up boi??!

hey man, i just boned this chick who shat out a Puerto Rican Pretzel with me last week... and BOY does she smell like rum and poo
by Dickerd Ray July 26, 2011
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