These are the pointy toed shoes with high platform type heels but are designed for running from the cops and climbing chain link fences in the inner city to get away.

The point of the toe easily goes into the chain link fence to allow for quick fence climbing in your escape from the cops.
That dude has some pointy looking Puerto Rican Fence Climbers.
by pete240z March 31, 2010
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Yes it is a pointed type of shoe easily employed for the purpose of jumping chain link fencing worn by Hispanic juveniles in 1950's and 60's New York City . I first read this in late 70's Memoir "Run,Nicky,Run" of Nicky Cruz , reformed Gang Leader of the MauMaus whom became a Christian Miinister .
These puerto-rican fence climbers (PRFC's) are hurting my feet .
by JflashRodriguez December 14, 2018
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