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A high school in Pueblo, Colorado known for having the most teen bodybuilders per capita. Besides eating Chipotle (at least 3 times a week), working out (only upper body), and partying on the weekends, South kids really don't do a whole lot. You can find the halls packed with tools flexing and taking selfies ("I'm Zyzzz Brah!"), hoes talking about yoga pants, and ratchets caking on lip balm. One thing is for sure, if you go anywhere near this school, make sure to have a gym membership, protein shake, Starbucks coffee, and or iphone. Warning: It is always bulking season, no legs November, and arm day.
"Hey brah looks like you're walking on stilts!" "Sorry broseph, I go to Pueblo South High School."
by beerbrah November 07, 2013
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