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This will be the final breaking point of this country. In which once again the hard working middle and upper class will have to pay for those people in this country too lazy to work many of which are just too lazy to find a job and can be currently found hang out around well fare offices. While over 50% of Americans disapprove of this our great government leadership has forced it upon us as a new law. Most of these dumb ass officials can commonly associated with the Democratic Party. One more important thing to remember is that none of these people that voted for this will be taking this public option so remember this when you are lying there in your death bed and the government chooses to let you die here is you change America.
Since Tommy wanted change he voted for President Obama. Now that Obama got his Public Health Care bill passed Tommy wish that he had his money back. And not his change he wanted because the government has decided that it was not cost effective to save his mom so they just let her suffer and die. This is the first step towards becoming a socialistic country.
by 2000_R6 March 24, 2010
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