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When pubic hair is cut to resemble a diamond shape. A pun on "cubic zirconia" and it's similarity to a diamond.
Barry: I banged a filthy hooker last night, but it was awesome.
Samuel: Well what were her pubes like? Runway strip, Full "George" Bush, or smooth?
Barry: None of the above. She was rocking the ever popular pubic zirconia!
by DevotedCatholic March 30, 2009
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A stray hair which at first seems to be a pubic hair, but is actually not.
I was shocked to find the sink covered in hair, luckily it was just Pubic Zirconia.
by SchmidtUltra November 29, 2007
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Faking a marriage proposal, including the purchase of a fake engagement ring, so that a girl will have sex with you.
Holly held out so long, Paul had to resort to Pubic Zirconia just to get laid.
Mark's balls were so blue, he considered giving Kristy Pubic Zirconia so she'd have sex with him.
by here kitty, kitty January 10, 2007
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Bling for your thing.
Happy Valentine's Day dear, I bought you a lovely gift of some pubic zirconia for your labia.
by GP5K February 05, 2011
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pubic hair that is a replacement for normal pubic hair, normally found on subjects below the age of 13.
"pubic zirconia" is pubic hair that is taped or attached to the genital area that has not officially grown in the genital region
by REYNOLDINO August 31, 2008
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