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When you about to have sex and the partner takes of his/her pants and there are so many pubes that you either get turned off or go into shock.
John: I was at the bar last night and I got this girl to come home with me but when I took off her pants I felt like Tarzan about to enter the jungle, the bitch gave me a huge pubic scare!
Jim: Damn, did you go into shock?
John:Nah, I went out, bought a machete, came back and made my way into the jungle!
Jim: Really?
John: Hell no, even Indiana Jones wouldn't enter that temple! I passed the fuck out!
John: STFU
by Why da hell is u readin dis? January 11, 2012
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The quite frankly appallingly unkempt thatch of vaginal foliage which 'welcomes' an unfortunate traveller to the NEVER-EVER Regions of the female anatomy.
"....Let it be said that whilst Viscount Greaves III was well documented as the pioneer of Wokingham's industrial revolution and also noted in society as at the forefront of 19th Century liberal Reform, he did indeed drop a bollock when he uncharacteristically turned a blind eye to the hideous crop of Pubic Scare which punctuated Baroness Felonia's staff entrance. However this turned out to be the least of his worries, as he found out rather too late that Baroness Felonia's real name was Dênnis and 'she' had a penchant for 'Pâtisserie D'Orreilles' (See Aural Sex , 'Hearing Aids') ...
That was the last anyone heard of Viscount Greaves III..."
From 'Nose Sex Please - We're British! - A History Of High Profile British Sexual Blunders from 1745-1994 " By Someone in Ealing who wishes to remain anonymous
by Don Bastardo January 11, 2017
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