Noun: The act of ejaculating in a person's ass. The receiving person then places their anus close to the other person's face as possible and farts. The effect is very similar to when a pug sneezes in your face.
Dude, that girl from class totally pug sneezed all over me last night.
by PuggyCook February 14, 2013
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Crazy person(s) that are so crazy that they are just meant to be your friends!
by YourBoyKai June 16, 2021
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To finish one's drink at the pub and go home to give the wife a shag. Used when a) one is full up with beer or b) one has run out of beer tokens.
Bloody hell man! I've run out of beer tokens. I will just have to go home and pug the dog unless you can give me a sub?
by PCPuss June 30, 2009
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An unfortunate looking person. British in origin referring to a boxers (PUGilists) smashed face.
Someone must have stepped on his face as a baby because he is just pug-ugly!
by Mikey Sue July 31, 2017
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Shrine dedicated to pugs. Usually on the wall of the main room of the house.
"Dude, nice pug wall."
"Thanks, my favorite is the pug dressed like Jabba the Hut."
by Hip Swizzle Bae September 6, 2018
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Pugs are cool

E.g-if someone say to you like a pug you are savage af
That boi- like a pug 🔥✋💢💢bro

Bro-savage af
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Better than white pugs. not racist. sorry. black pug!.
MAYA IS BEST cause she black pug!
by sdjo;ds;nljdbgs November 12, 2019
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