An amazing reincarnation of god that prays to us at our feet holding great power in it’s beautiful puggy face!
Yo your pug is so radical!

Thanks man I bet my pug is better than yours ,though!
by Pug god November 01, 2019
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The finest creature in the whole multiverse
《Person》 Hey
《Other person》 hi
《Person》 ur pug look good
《Other person》 thanks
by DerPug September 17, 2019
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The name of the ugliest yet cutest dog ever. They have smushed faces and its adorable. They are very friendly and good for the family. They are good for kids. They will sleep with you and play with you all day.
by I Am Accurate March 22, 2019
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Used in MMO's like WoW is to pick up group with people not in your guild or you do not know leading to wipe armor repair and stress and the ocassional ninja
I was in a pug with oversoul and that fucker ninjaed T7.5 glove what a dick
by Hellsknight March 04, 2009
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A suprisingly cute dog that uses its big round eyes put you in a trance while it humps the living daylight out of your leg.
Hey pug! Wow...your...eyes..........GROSS! GET OFF ME!
by willy January 04, 2005
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cutest thing that ever lived and womans best paper weight
my pug is a really lazy bum and always follows my mom and wont hurt a fly because shes afraid of it she is so lazy we call here poop
by pugsrawesome May 01, 2009
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A Chinese lap dog breed that comes in 3 colours; fawn, black and apricot. The breed seems to be very extremely popular in internet memes and pop culture. Milo, Frank and Toby Da Pug are perhaps the 3 most famous pugs.
I have a pet Pug named Toby.
by Toby Da Pug May 06, 2018
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