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The greatest high school on planet earth. Located in New Lenox, Illinois. You have to be a complete 10 out of 10 to go there. Its neccesary to be a snobby, white preppy kid to go there too. The students most popularly reign from Orland Park, Homer Glen, Tinley Park, Lockport, or Mokena. The boys act like total hardasses, and the girls are total hoes. Home of the Celtics, the greatest football/baseball/cheerleading/cross country/track/softball/tennis/soccer/hockey teams. The hockey team has the hottest guys. Like, damn. Most of the hockey guys like to take it up the butt from other players in the showers. One of the only high schools in America where the seniors prey on freshman like it's a religion. The band sucks dick. And they smell bad. You need to go to this school, you will never regret it! Oh and fuck saint rita.
Lockport student: oh, you go to providence? do you think you're better than everyone?

Providence Catholic High School student: yes.
by ProviGuy July 29, 2011
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