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A term used to describe persons who hold back in their own lives and then proceed to project their holderbacker behavior onto others to put them in a similar state of holderbackness.


An activity that one engages in due to their own deep rooted insecurities and unwillingness to face reality on a consistent basis.


Eager or willing to put other people down to make them selves feel better mostly through passive aggressivness.
"Look at those guys hold back, They're professionals"

"Those guys are professional holderbackers, don't worry about them"

"We are the best at what we do, we're never honest, especially to ourselves. We hold back! it's just what we do guys and we're ganna change the world!!!"

"Those guys are doing far too well me thinks, they're not holding back enough! This is not good for our health and well being... We must stop them! Holderbackers Assemble!!!"
by StopHoldingBack May 31, 2018
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