An absolute uptight asshole who thinks he's top shit. They'll look down on you because they come from some fucking wealthy ass family and they usually make fun of eshays. The only reason they so this is because they have been robbed or rolled by these cunts then they act like crybaby's. They also suck dick for a living (see boarding schools) and carry iPhone XS Max's around them and spit on lower class people. If you manage to come across these cunts, make sure you spit on them back and say fuck you to them ☺️.
Cameron: "Look at those Private school kids."

Thomas: "Don't pay any fucking attention to them."
by Private Schools June 9, 2020
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A middle or high school student that has been in private school almost or ALL of their life. The are white or black and act white. They are usually wealthy or rich. They are lame to public school kids and are basically rich black coons.
Jamarcus looks hood but he really is a PRIVATE SCHOOL KID.
by williamkeenedy451 December 11, 2017
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