The thing that changes the mind of somebody who wants to go to jail because they thing it's gangsta.

In the prison showers, if you drop the soap, you get booty raped in the ass by a 6 1/2 foot tall man with a dick the length of your monitor if you pick that shit up. It may even happen more than once a week, so keep your rectum intact
Wannabe Gangster Kid: When I bust outta prison, I'ma become the leader of the Bloods and will have hoes on my dick for days and will have 20-inch rims that spin when my Lambo ain't moving and shit.
Guy: Alright then, prepare to get screwed in the ass when you go into the prison showers.
by Pokedex #184 August 20, 2017
A dick on every wall in your house
Dude he house has a prison shower!
by Jack asshole November 20, 2015
Trapping your shower partner by blocking the shower door after expelling a death fart.
I was often a shower prisoner after she farted and blocked the shower door.
by Buck naked May 30, 2017