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This is a strength exercise that was invented by a strong white inmate in Prison in Connecticut. It combines the art of the deep squat and as the lifter rises back to normal height, then strict presses the weight above his head and locks his arms out and holds it there. A true PrisInman squat is finished by yelling the phrase "welcome to prison" at the end of it...thus revealing your superiority to others in a confined area.
People who complete PrisInman Presses are also well known for their Prison behaviors such as grabbing a handful of dirt during a volleyball game in your left hand, awaiting another Inmate to set the ball for you, and then viciously spiking the ball in the face, scrotum, or chest of the opposing Inmate, then throwing the dirt in their face while yelling the phrase "welcome to prison". Usually it will be a Latin King member you are playing against, since the only things they do in Prison is steal, pick on weaker white people and play volleyball and complain while doing so...
The PrisInman press reflects a bigger picture of society, that just because you lost the game of life, does not mean that you cannot beat the fuck out of someone while doing time, and look damn good while doing so.
PrisInman presses can only be done by very strong people, usually white people, they are usually of the Aryan race and have blonde hair and blue eyes.
Holy Shit, did you see that white kid from D-Block PrisInman press 315 pounds, that was fucking amazing.

Hey, wanna do PrisInman presses with me today, I am working shoulders and traps.

How the fuck did PrisInman do that, I am not able to lift that weight because I am not strong or smart.

Arguing over a prisinman press is like getting a gold medal in the special olympics, even if you win, you are still retarted.
by PrisInman July 16, 2011
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