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Princeton (sometimes referred to as P-town by the blacks and ghettos) is your average high income town. Though a good majority of people are of a high income stasis there is a Princeton Ghetto. Across the street from the Hospital is where it begins featuring streets like Birch and Clay. The ghetto people are geographically segregated from the rich. The rich live on a huge hill, cherry hill. At the high school the rich kids intermingle with the poor. This cultural melting pot drives many young Princetonians to a life of crime. Since the underworld is rooted from New Brunswick (this is where all our good bud comes from) and Trenton (where other drugs and shitty buds comes from) entering the criminal world is difficult so most just start smoking shit loads of weed. This is the #1 past time for Princeton's bored adolescents. This demand for weed creates a fairly complex system of high school dealers. Kids often go to "town" and end up sitting around doing nothing. The third floor of the library has a teen center and is a popular hangout.
Who the fuck are you, you're from Princeton New Jersey?
by OneStopShop June 12, 2009
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