A man that is pretty, borderline cute but manly.
A kawaii ass MOUNTAIN MAN.
A guy that got muscles but likes to bake

‘You see that pretty man over there?’
‘You’re such a pretty man.’
by Thidawg October 21, 2019
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A male who is more handsome than all other men, and more beautiful than most women, but still exhibits masculine characteristics.
Jason Mewes (Jay from Jay & Silent Bob) much like myself is very man-pretty.
by Raditude January 20, 2008
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pretty in all the manly ways, i.e. scruff, rugged, knows how to handle a woman
Damn that Kal is man pretty! You see that scruff, those eyes and his workin hands...
by vdoom August 12, 2008
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a man (most likely metrosexual) who looks attractive but look to feminine to be considered handsome.
Ashton Kutcher is man-pretty.
by halludba March 13, 2006
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