Presley is someone who has a strong soul. She fights for what she wants because she deserves more than the whole world. She is heartbroken and sometimes thinks there is no way someone could love her back. She switches from crush to crush never finding the right guy for her, but the only reason that keeps her going is that everyone finds happiness. Presley needs to be treated with all the love in the world because deep down she thinks she is annoying and unwanted. If you ever find one just promise me you will remind her that she is worth it and that nothing could ever make anyone leave her for good. She needs to hear that.
Presley is my best friend and I love her strong heart that never stops fighting
by Reese’s the rabbit December 07, 2020
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Presley will be your best friend to the end. She is very very smart and is pretty shy. She not that out going back she likes to stay in her little circle. Once you get to know her she is sooooo funny and will make you laugh 24/7 . She is the type of person who will want to eat hot Cheetos and watch a scary movie, and or skateboard.
Omg Presley’s coming 🤩🤩
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by Omgheyyyyyyy June 01, 2020
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