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A most unfortunate phenomenon among public transport systems in congested cities all over the world in which a bus journey, for example, spontaneously ends before its scheduled termination point, forcing the passengers to find an alternative route to their destination. This causes frustration among the passengers which may result in verbal complaints directed at no one in particular, physical altercations with the transport operator who had no say in the matter to begin with, or, in the UK's case, no verbal or physical reactions at all, but rather a subtle, passive-aggressive tension, created and felt by each individual who reluctantly steps off of the vehicle, which is held in for the remainder of the workday, thereby making it worse than it would have been already, spiralling the already bleak Brit further into the abyss of their own depressive essence.
Transport announcement of the premature termination: "Bus 220 to Wandsworth... the destination of this bus has changed... Putney Bridge Station - this bus terminates here."
Literally every passenger on the bus who is now late for work: "**silently, frustratingly contemplates suicide**"
by formula1reviews March 26, 2018
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