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One of the more severe side-affects of consistent and long-term use of online-social-networking software and technologies prescribed in normal circumtances to help cure social insecurities through a veil of anonymity and impersonal communications. Premature Enter-Hitting-Syndrome is recognizeable by the tendency to awkwardly send incomplete and/or inappropriate (whether intentional or accidental) messages to a fellow peer who is being communicated with. If premature enter-hitting-syndrome becomes recognizeable and persists for any length of time, sufferers should immediately stop the use of online-social-networking at the risk of further damaging their social reputation and ability to communicate with others. Activities such as meeting up with peers in person should be considered to offset the need for online-social-networking which may also offer other positive and noteable side affects such as being happy and having friends.
Premature enter-hitting-syndrome example:

Kellie: Don't tll anyone but I like Jordan
Brit: *this person has gone offline*
Kellie: 's new shoes
Brit: *online*
Brit: Omg you like Jordan? I just told Kevin!
Kellie: shit.
by Thatnameisalreadyinuse May 11, 2009
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