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Premature Abortion is unique in the sense that only a man can have one. Premature Abortion happens when a sperm, or many sperm, fail to unionize with a human egg inside a female. This often happens when a female is not present. In most cases, a premature abortion ends up in some sort of Kleenex and gets throw into a garbage receptacle. Commonly, a premature abortion will get washed down the shower drain or disposed of orally by a willing participant. Premature abortions can happen just about anywhere and get aborted on just about any surface imaginable. They can even happen involuntarily while you sleep. There has been research on these nocturnal abortions, but they are still in the preliminary stages.
Douche bag #1 - "I know this chick that will let you have a premature abortion right on her face!"
Douche bag #2 - "Shit! The only action I get is when I have a nocturnal abortion and have to change my underwear upon waking up."
by SmokeTwibz January 23, 2018
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