Something living on the inside of you, leeching your nutrients, without killing you, that is parasitism at its best.
"Wow Jill, you look great! How is your pregnancy going"
"I am just carrying this parasite for another 2 months and then I am free!"
by Levanie November 24, 2011
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What everyone seems all surprised at for virtually no reason. I mean, you had unprotected sex, what do you think is gonna happen?
*Person 1 and person 2 have sex*
*1 month later*
Person 1: Iโ€™m pregnant.
Person 2: WHAT?!?!

Person 1: Well what did you think was going to happen, the cure for cancer? Sex causes pregnancy, idiot.
by Kitten Corp. June 17, 2018
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If you have to come here to figure out what this word means, I hope your girlfriend never becomes it.
PregnantGirl: My boyfriend stuck his pizzle in my vizzle and now I'm in a state of pregnancy.
by pliz October 07, 2003
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to be pregnant, to be in bad shit. as in, give-up-your-hopes-and-dreams-you-sorry-fuck-this-means-game-over bad shit.
"let's not talk about pregnancy. that could never happen to us."
"i'm pregnant."
by Anonymous October 09, 2003
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