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A small valley town in Southwest Wisconsin consisting of hicks, wanna-be thugs and a small population of fake gangstas who love to bitch about how much the Prairie sucks but then beat the piss out of any kids from out of town who talk shit about it, especially the Bloomington kids. The mixture of hicks and wanna-bes make for interesting yet cheap parties where some druggies resort to huffing dust remover and spraypaint.

The girls in Prairie are some of the biggest whores in the Tristate area; they'll fuck any guy not from Prairie High. College kids are a favorite of these hos. These chicks are so full of themselves that they often complain about "those damn immature high school kids", despite the fact that they are all in high school themselves.
Bloomington kid-"Hey faggot from Prairie du Pot, your town blows."

Prairie du Chien kid-"You think I'm soft? Ima bring back 50 Prairie kids and kick your ass. Meet in back of River Ridge."
by That One Kid789 December 20, 2010
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