A poverty striken member of society who often can be associated with "housos" and "deros". Often without or little money.

Other uses- Pov
"He's such a povo"

"dont be so pov"
by Lord Zealot March 15, 2004
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Australian slang, derived from the word poverty, means someone poor.
Person A: Bro is that fucking coles brand coke?
Person B: yeah why?
Person A: fuck that's some povo shit aye.
by Orbital Penetration October 9, 2020
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Calling someone povo is a way of calling them poor.

It’s basically a short word for poverty
Guy 1 -“Fuck off you povo
Guy 2 -“I’m not povo, I have a supreme shirt and a Gucci belt
by dad2staunch August 10, 2018
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Definition of Alicia riding day and family
Kelly: have u seen that girl
Rob:ye she looks like she’s part of that povo life
by God will plant June 2, 2018
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Everything is Povo

Bad day? =Povo weather

Bad taste in music? =Povo music taste

Povo can be used with anything and everything it’s my favourite word
Internet lagging? That’s so fucking Povo
by Ash 2003 September 12, 2020
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A povo is a person who is poor or is acting like someone who is very disadvantaged lol

Used as an insult for working class people
1: look over there

2: what a bunch of povos

1: look at his shoes

2: povo looking shoessss lmfao
by the big AC July 19, 2021
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short for poverty.
means that you are cheap or poor
sarah is so povo because she can't afford mcdonalds
by MELZiiE January 14, 2008
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