A slang term for having sex;

When a guy inserts his cock into a girl's pussy and fucks it.
"I wasn't at the party last night because I was pounding pussy"

"Hey dude, I pounded pussy last night"

"Hey Bra, lets pound some pussy tonight!"
by The contributor September 23, 2013
A Gigatic pussy usually related to a girl who is a huge bossy bitch. Her pussy is likely able to eat small children and anything as heavy as a good sized watermelon. The 12 pound pussy likely has teeth and is very susceptible to crotch rot.
Guy 1: " Wow... my supervisor is a bitch!"

Guy 2: " Ya man, i bet she has got a 12 pound pussy, you better keep your hands away or she could swallow it hole!"

Guy 1: "Thanks for the heads up man"
by AvengerMan September 30, 2009
What ghetto black men call a white woman with a body like a thick black girl. Ten Pound Pussy's generally have small wastes, thick thighs, big asses, big boobs and dress like hoes.
Black man #1: DUH DAYUM this snow bunny got a ten pound pussy!

Black man #2: Oh word?! Let's get at this bitch!

Black man #1: Ohhh shit I think that ten pound pussy is tryna get active!

Black man #2: Damn son tear that shit up!
by Ohkaycool August 24, 2009
The female equivalent of to "Dick Down" i.e. to vigorously ride your partner until his toes curl.

A ride so intense and vicious that the adrenaline rush he experiences is comparable to falling 30,000 ft from a helicopter

A sexual encounter so ingrained into his conscience that grunt he heaves after he ejaculates will be heard within 5 mile radius
B: Mate, let's go grab a pint
A: Nah I'm meeting up my girl tonight
B: Bro you just hung out with her last night
A: Fam she pussy pounded me into next week
I ain't missing out on that
B: Nuff said
by Spoilednuts April 15, 2019
when a chick likes it rough in the vajayjay.
girl:i need sex
boy:girl, you need a good pussy pounding
by Shelby Bieber July 27, 2006
‘Pussy’ Pounds (£P) – The term coined by Jimbinho, referring to money allocated for ‘treating the bird’ on nights out.
A typical phrase may be: - ‘sorry lads, I can’t come to the pub tonight because I have only got 'Pussy Pounds (£P)' left for the rest of the month.’
by QuickBuck February 3, 2008