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To plant your seed in someone elses garden.

To bang someones else's wife, particularly when they are off at war.

Someone with Potters disease typically presents with a very akward affect. They appear to be nice on the surface but truly are a back stabbing cowardess peice of S***. These people are the worst of society and are boring, selfish and are skillfully opportunistic. The pathopneumonic finding of this disease is the complete lack of a spine or testicles. Once they are diagnosed with the disease, people will see them for who they really are and not for whom they portray themselves to be.

The only cure for this disease is to be sterilized, possibly destroyed.
Did you hear what (insert name) did with that guys wife while he was in Iraq?

Yeah he was, I thought anyways, a nice guy. But I guess he is a peice of shit.

Yeah, then he tried to get her ex husband fired from his job when he found out.

Really? He must have Potter's Disease.
by jbadroad January 03, 2013
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