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A reaction to 'lad' culture, the post-ironic lad (also known as the post-lad) is a parody of the stereotypical English lad. To this end post-ironic lads still partake in activities such as hanging around in packs, drinking heavily, watching soccer and attempting to kill each other afterwards as well as enjoying pictures of bare naked women while singing inane and tuneless songs all too loudly, the difference being that they do so ironically.

On first inspection it may seem that there is no difference between the lad and the post-ironic lad, however on closer inspection it becomes clear that post-ironic lad banter is generally more witty than lad banter and in the pursuit of greater irony is often more extreme. Additionally the average post-ironic lad is generally younger than the average lad and most importantly treats the 'lash' as a true way of life.
Post-ironic lad - "If you aren't drunk in 5 seconds, I'm going to punch in the face!"

Post-ironic lad No.1 - "Hey lad, smash up that wardrobe there with the shovel" Post-ironic lad No.2 then proceeds to smash a wardrobe to pieces with a shovel 'ironically'.
by The Buffdog March 19, 2009
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