It's none existent it's a mockery of depression and needs to be stopped pcd isn't true because your "depression" last for only a certain amount of time. It mocks people who have depression and it's not okay use post concert sadness it's honestly not that hard and that's how you truly feel sad you don't "develope" depression after one concert that's not how things work so please be more aware and you the term post concert sadness rather than pcd
'dude post concert depression got me all messed up'
'Post concert depression isn't real, It mocks people who have depression and you aren't depressed you are sad.'
by ixnayonthehombre November 8, 2015
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Sadness felt by a TWFanmily member days, weeks, months, or years after being at a The Wanted concert. The Wanted have such amazing concerts that after you have experienced it, like a drug, you need more of it. Signs of this usually include, excessive fangirling, sadness, and excessive watching of videos featuring The Wanted on YouTube.
Katina: "Hey Isabel and Sarah, why are you guys so down?"
Isabel: "We just miss The Wanted so much."
Katina: "Same here, I've been watching so many videos of them!"
Sarah: "That's what we're doing right now! We need to see them again."
Katina: "Agreed. Girls, I'm afraid we have a serious case of Post The Wanted Concert Depression.
by Katina Sykes October 7, 2012
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