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A phrase asked when cut off in mid conversation by someone who doesnt have the patience to hear your explanation. If they choose "Inquisition", they choose an explanation. If they choose "Position", they choose blunt response on what you feel.
Friend 1: Dude, U think I should holla at shorty in the 5inch stets, with the pocahontas down her back?

Friend 2: Well.... Umm... She got a $500 handbag on and I saw her get out that Bentley, and....

Friend 1: Damn Dawg! Shld I step to her or not?

Friend 2: Position/Inquisition? You want the long version or short version?

Friend 1: What's ur position?

Friend 2: Hell No! Period!

Friend 1: Why not? I got game... What's the Inquisition?

Friend 2: Nigga, U 5'3", 180lbs and you came here on ur bicycle! Hell, I paid your way in here and the bartender dont take food stamp cards! Nigga, you broke and that chic is out your league! Is you stupid!?!

Friend 1: Ohhhh! No was fine... Thank You...
by Liqr August 18, 2010
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