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Food that comes out on your plate all stylish and shit. Usually expensive. Usually takes two spoonfuls to eat. Usually your here on a date with some guy trying to show off. Usually the name of the establishment is simple like: 'Bills' or 'Noir' or something arty farty like that.

You hear other tossers beside you saying things like : "oh darling! This venison is DEVINE" and "Oh the quails egg just goes scrumptiously with this raisin".
Girl 1: Oh went to dinner last night in that new fancy restaurant that opened in town
Girl 2: Oooooooh I heard it serves fabulous food and the chef came over from England where he used to be a head chef in London!!
Girl 1: Nah! Served over priced posey food. Stopped off at McDonalds on the way home!
by Snipperino April 28, 2015
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