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A messed up Town sitting on the coast of New Hampshire where many kids turn into drug addicts and gangsters. Many of the students at PHS (Portsmouth high school) enjoy acting as if they are gangsters and they claim that they are from the "streets" or the "hood". A common practice at the school is stealing and clogging the toilets, so bad that the non English speaking janitors have to grab the large clump toilet paper with their hand. Much of the town is upper class and enjoys a good lifestyle until some of the "gangs" try to do some OG hood rat stuff while in downtown Portsmouth. Much of the adults scattered in this town are hipsters and they enjoy dying their hair many different colors and they also enjoy piercing different points on their body's. Drug sale is a common practice at the school or as soon as the day ends many kids get the need to smoke while sitting in the parking lot on school property where everyone can see, I personally think they do it to show how "BAD" they are or want to become because they claim to be from the trap which would indicate they are currently living in Gosling Meadows. Another group to join is OCB which stands for "off campus blunts" where you try to get as messed up as you can during their time off for lunch. All in all the town of Portsmouth NH and the PHS is filled with mostly weird looking messed up kids that need to understand they aren't from the trap or the hood.
by The Answer May 25, 2014
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