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Chugging beer in a porta-potty.

This is commonly practiced at public events where drinking is not allowed, such as parades or your little brother's soccer game.
Bro 1: "Damn bro, there are people everywhere. How are we going to get tanked without someone seeing us?"

Bro 2: "Fear not bro, we can just porto slam this 30 case."
by JJ Brisco July 12, 2011
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A consensual act of intercourse inside a "Porto Potty" or temporary outdoor restroom whereby a third party interrupts the act by tipping it over.
Did you hear about Music Midtown last weekend? Jasper and this Alpha Pi were banging in the Porto Potty and I scored an epic cock block by Porto slamming them!
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by Game on Tiny! October 17, 2018
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