Many other defs will try and convince you that this city is trying to emulate Seattle. Let's take a minute to think about how retarded that statement is. A city is not a living thing; it has no concept of popularity. It's hard to see how the city of Portland can make a conscious effort to "copy off of" Seattle. Portland is an awesome place. You can get everything you need from the urban lifestyle, but it still has all the comforts of living somewhere really familiar. Indie music capital of the nation, which makes it about fifty times cooler than Seattle right there. The people are totally chill and friendly, accepting, and hospitable. The greatest city on earth.
Fuck Seattle! I'm moving to Portland!
by Uncletross January 30, 2008
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A city full of bikes, books, bars, beers, boutiques, baristas, brunch and Bloody Mary's, as well as a million neighborhoods worth visiting for their bars, boutiques and brunch. Portlanders also love gelato, food carts, parks, facial hair, plaid flannel, vintage shops, colleges, public transportation, liberals, reusable grocery bags, vegans and vegetarians, tattoos and piercings, and dogs, and unlike residents of Seattle who claim to love the rain, Portlanders don't like it that much (but still refuse to use umbrellas). And it's true, all the hot girls do wear glasses. Also it's totally possible to bike from southeast to St. Johns in an hour because it's not a real big place.
Oh my god, you see those hipsters over there? They're sooo Portland.
by sleepy golden storm March 05, 2011
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Portland, Oregon is the one of the most beautiful, clean, and unique city on the West coast. Though Portland may have many different 'scenes' and 'types' of locals (yuppies, hipsters, folkies...etc), we all have have something in common...the love and respect for our environment. It's an artsy city as the Willamette river divides the city in two creating even more subcultures. However, as city development continues and housing prices start to rise, what used to be cool parts of Portland are turning into high-priced, fabricated yuppie scenes.
Aside from all the outdoorsy activity that Portland offers, the city hosts an awesome music scene. Many great bands come from Portland and most bands that travel from San Fransisco to Seattle stop at one of many Portland's great venues.
P.s. Californians stay out
Portland: Hour to the beach, hour to the mountains, less to the George. Wonderland
by Jhalll August 26, 2008
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A gay or effeminate chinese man. So named after Portland Street in Manchester, England, which runs between the gay quarter and Chinatown.
Oh my God. That chinese guy has a leopardprint bag. What a Portland.
by Phat R August 03, 2009
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Think Seattle without the grunge.
Or New Jersey without the emo.
And you're halfway there.
Also has a blooming gay hustler scene and is home to many gutter punks. It's a cool place to live if you're a liberal. Probably not that great if you're conservative,but who gives a crap about them really? :P
Oh,and the guy who wrote Fight Club come from Portland,so it's GOTTA be cool.
"Portland: the diet NY." sniffed a New York hipster before being severely beaten by Portland punks in Exploited tees.
by bandanasarerad October 22, 2006
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The best city that America has to offer. Located in Oregon, also the best state in the union. The people here are nice, open-minded, and care for the environment. We aren't corrupt like Southern California or Seattle, both of which are concrete jungles full of rude, fake people. We also have one of the best organized recycling programs and public transportation. (We care about the air we breathe and the forests we hike) People from here are down to earth and spend much of their time outdoors. Everyone else in the US is jealous, theres not ONE reason to hate Portland.
"I hate Portland! They're all hippies and bums, and Seattle Wanna-be's!" - Jealous outsider, probably a Seattle-ite who has a strange inferiority complex for his/her own crappy city.
by portland,or! February 13, 2009
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