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Called PB for short, it is a small town in upstate NY which was once a stop along the Erie Canal. Is now known as the home for roofers, Garrigans, Helmers, Smiths, and other multiple intermarried families who can trace their roots back to one tree. One the corner of the one stoplight in town, a passerby can see some "pigeon people" sitting on the sidewalk watching cars go by throughout the year. It's also the corner which houses the most elite of town residents who's bottom floor is home to a new business every week. High school kids can be frequently seen wearing the lastest cut-off sleaves while they play basketball at the town "park" where they believe they are the next nba all-star or biggest drug dealer.
I was driving through Port Byron, NY and saw the pigeon people with their wife beaters on sitting on the sidewalk.
by nylifelearner January 14, 2010
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