A male porn star has a Pornis. It is not the typical size and shape of the average male penis, therefore the name: Pornis.
Woah! The dude standing next to me in the bathroom totally has a PORNIS! He must be in the industry!!
by Sticks66 December 16, 2021
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When a person has an ah-ha moment while suddenly realizing they have been hit with two extreme feelings at the same damn time being: paranoid and horny = porny
“Yo, I was so porny last night!” “Um, don’t you mean

horny?” Nah, it’s when you are paranoid and horny bro!”
by MissUnderstood89 August 15, 2021
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Desiring to watch pornography, but not necessarily horny. Not to be confused with "porney," an adjective describing something that resembles pornography.
"Want to play Call of Duty?"
"Not now, I'm kinda porny. Give me 20 minutes."
by CubexDE February 22, 2015
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im so porny for da smeggsy seggsy porn
im so porny for da smeggsy seggsy porn
by bigfatpenis69 March 21, 2022
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Used to describe someone who is hot or good looking.
"Wow, Mohammad Abdul Omar Belal Arian looks really porny today with his freshly shaved balls"
by granpasExLover February 18, 2021
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Being proud horny. Like your so desperate to be proud of something that its porny.
Damn im so porny for you.
by Demmenick October 9, 2021
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