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A pork sandwich is when you have sex with a woman in the morning and then another woman in the afternoon and then end up with the first (original woman) again at night.

The woman you originally have sex with in the morning and later that night is the bun. The afternoon piggy is the meat. Hence the name, Pork Sandwich.
Bro 1: Hey man, what did you do yesterday?

Bro 2: I totally crushed a Pork Sandwich!

Bro 1: Whoa, what piggies did you crush?

Bro 2: My side girl was the bun and my gf was the meat.

Bro 1: I am impressed, you fucking dirtbag! Excellent strategy, sir!
by Ed Duchington, Esq. July 24, 2017
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The pork sandwich consists of having a sexual encounter with two obese women. The pork sandwich could potentially be the end result of a long night of hogging.
Oh my god, that was the nastiest pork sandwich last night, what the hell was I thinking.
by E-Nasty November 12, 2007
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Giving sexual intercourse. In reference to providing a dick but can also be used by bitches but that's kinda silly :)
1. Yo bro, what you do with Shanice last night? Dogs, I gave her a pork sandwich.

2. Yo bro, you give that bitch a pork sandwich? Yes, I did.
by Robert Pruitt January 02, 2013
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The act of combining two people's (of opposite sex) genitalia; the male being the pork (Penis) and the female being the two slices of bread (Labia), to make a sometimes but not always, amazing sandwich.
George: Hey bro, did you see that shone kitten I brought back to the Slam Castle last night?

Eric: Hell yea, I heard you guys in there makin' pork sandwiches!

George: That's right. I took her to pound town, she said thats where she wanted to go.

Eric: Nice..
by nitegames3 June 06, 2011
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