Por favor is please in spanish which you can look at the definition of please yourself, you aren't too lazy. right?
American: Do you speak english?
Brazilian: Por favor *gibberish Brazilian words*
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A combination of two different cultural phrases to create the universal "please and thank you" phrase.

Por favor meaning "please" in Spanish.

Mahalo meaning "thank you" in Hawaiian.

Phrase is usually said immediately following the question, without giving the person being asked time to respond.

*Phrase coined by Z-Dawg during the fall of 2008.
Finger Bang, could you hand me that notebook? Por favor, mahalo.
by Zaydar March 2, 2009
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A term used by whites/mexicans who dont want to get shot at. it's like a black person saying, "NIGGA PLEASE!!!!!"only whites wont get get killed
"Suzie's looking fine today."
"Are you joking, dog? That chick's fugly."
"Negro, por favor."
by Blake the block May 16, 2008
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When your friends thought that they could beat you at something, but you jack them you say: "Puta, Por favor!"
by #1Playa December 16, 2003
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An expression of mild contempt or scorn, usually said when someone says something just a little over the top.
Synonym: Niggah please
Loan you fifty dollars? Blackamoor, por favor, You still OWE me twenty!

by R. Alcee Hastings March 28, 2003
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