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To have everything in the world handed to you, despite neither deserving nor earning any of it and then throwing it away, all while ruining other's lives. Becoming a running joke and existing solely as a caution to others not to emulate you. To rise to mediocrity and pseudo-celebrity status, only to fall back into the depths of obscurity long before your fifteen minutes have expired. In short: to blow it.
Kevin Federlines ENTIRE LIFE is popozao. You have been warned.
by The Great Brandonio December 31, 2005
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Large, voluptuous ass, in Brazilian Portuguese. Should be written with a ~ over the A
She has a popozão (POPOZAO)
by João Marcelo January 04, 2006
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A derivative of the Brazilian slang for "ass". To call someone a popozao in English, though, is to accuse them of douchebaggery worthy of Kevin Federline and his ill-fated rap career.
Dude, what do you mean you're not coming out with us? Don't be such a popozao.
by Geoffrey Bara October 21, 2008
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An slang explanation used in certain internet circles to denote that a homerun has been hit by Philadelphia Phillies first baseman (2005 Rookie of the Year) Ryan Howard.
"Howard just went deep! Popozao!"
by HBombPopo May 16, 2006
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To indicate to another that you wish to cease discussion on whatever the active subject may be.
Person #1: "I don't know what kind of flowers I want at my wedding. I like lilies, but I also like carnations. Carnations are probably too 'cheap' though. Oooo... what about tulips? Aren't tulips great? Are they even in season though? I would totally die if I could get tulips. Or maybe just lilies. Those are kind of classic, huh?"

Person #2: "PopoZao."
by Tony Alexander May 08, 2006
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