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This can be used as a “harmless” practical joke on one of your buddies, if someone leaves a kiwi on their desk. You take the kiwi and place it down your pants and try to hold it under your scrotum. At this point you do a little jig to bless the kiwi. The sweatier the better. Then place the kiwi back on the desk. The enjoyment comes when the target cuts up their kiwi to eat and the juice drips all over the place causing them to lick their fingers clean.
Target: Hey guys I know you paid for lunch lasttime and its my turn, but I already brought a lunch, so go ahead and go without me.
Guy #1: I am so tired of him ditching out on his turn to pay.
Guy #2: Well, lets help him enjoy his lunch and bless it with Pope’s Salty Kiwi.
Guy #1: I will never be able to look at a kiwi the same again…
by Sgt. Montechristo October 02, 2007
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