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Smoking marijuana and drinking caffeine at the same time.

(Pot and caffeine vs. heroin and cocaine in a real speedball.)
This poor man's speedball is just what I needed to clear this hangover.
by Chick Henry October 02, 2006
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a combination of hydrocodone and adderall, crushed up and snorted. the desired effect is to mimic the feeling of the authenic speedball, while spending much less money.
i got a hangover from raging last nite, just did a poor man's speedball.
by deballs July 20, 2010
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Heroin and crystal meth.

As opposed to heroin and coke.
I can’t afford an 8ball of coke after buying a brick of H, so I’m gonna have to grab a point of meth and do a poor mans speedball
by Brwneyedgrl1985 December 21, 2018
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A poor man's speedball is an alternate version the speedball, a mix of heroin and cocaine, consisting of a mix of NyQuil and a high caffeine Beveridge, usually coffee or a cheap energy drink.
Shitdick: bruv I was gonna go do a few lines but my electric bill cost more than I thought so you best believe I'm rocking that poor man's speedball tonight.

Craig: wouldn't it cost less to just buy weed? Like how is this an economically sound way of getting high, this doesn't make any sense...
by Sauce puppet March 08, 2020
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