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A quick card Game to decide who makes a round of tea! Played with a certain pack of "watersports" playing cards from Amsterdam, where all the cards have piss related pictures on them, except one of the jokers which is poo related!
Players are determined by the number of people that would like a cup of tea! (if u dont play u dont get one)
Whoever happens to pick up the "Piss Cards" first is automatically the dealer! (usually the person that suggested the game)
The cards are then shuffled and dealt out one card at a time to each player starting from the dealers left until one person gets dealt "The Poo Card"!

Then that person has to make everyone involved in the game a cup of tea!
Ok, so who wants tea?

I Do
Yeah I do

"Poo card makes the tea?"

Let's Do It!
by Phatzoot June 23, 2011
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