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A place where you'll find the typical redneck, white trash, chewing mother fuckers. Also home to a whole variety of drug users; most commonly weed. Full of 15 year old girls trying to be like the "popular" thots that they look up to. And who can forget about the group of Subaru, ricer driving kids that call themselves "Flounder Gang".
"Hey you want to go to the Ponderosa High School football game tonight?" "Yea, I'll bring the chew, you bring the weed. And tell me if you see anyone that's in Flounder Gang so we can steal their vapes"
by FukBoi4206969 May 02, 2017
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A Fucking peice of Shit school where people sell drugs, leak sex videos, call themselves the original sophomore sluts, and bring guns to school. Plus a whole lot of other fucked up shit.
Let's go to a ponderosa high school football game tonight and see if we can get fucked up on some shit and sleep with some of the oss.
by Haha what I say is true February 28, 2017
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