Ponder it means lolitsalex will not let u into the base.
Me: Yo Alex I donated 20$ let me into the base! Alex: uhhhh ill ponder it.
by Joe Cool123 February 2, 2018
That philosophy lecture was ponderous.
by L'Marrh September 21, 2011
I won the gold medal last year at the Olympics for the sport of ponderment.

The number one group on Facebook is used for the ponderment of weathly living.
by DAVID Mcdonald August 16, 2007
- Man, Kant sure is ponderous!
- Is what?
- He's boring as ball is what I mean.
by Kilrmn August 7, 2014
A heavy metal band, formed by Ryan Vandelinder and Steven Ash
by RyanVandelinder May 24, 2018

1. To be deep in thought, pondering something profound. 2. So deep in thought, one becomes briefly numb to the world.
He couldn't hear her words; he was in a deep state of ponderation.
by Skeeter0304 June 22, 2006
something is very interesting and odd that needs to be pondered about
That word is extremely ponderful.
by E^2 April 15, 2004