To recognize them and make eye contact why the other person ain't looking.
by Shalondafielder26 April 19, 2021
To think about (something) carefully, especially before making a decision or reaching a conclusion.
"I'm pondering about what clothes to wear for the occasion"
by Ponder land. December 2, 2013
A portmanteau of the words pound and tenderize, meaning to pound vigorously while also tenderizing the area being pounded.

A proper ponderization involves 80% pounding and 20% tenderizing.
He ponderized the maid in the hay mow with the intensity of a man who's wife could return home at any minute yet with the care due her innocence and age.
by Joseph 'sMyth October 7, 2015
Ponderous thoughts to be ponderously pondered. Basically, if there is an adverb, adjective, and verb of ponder, then it stands to reason that there ought to be a noun as well.
Kevin often played the guitar to keep his mind from unpleasent ponderances.
by Kevin Gerrit Roelofs April 19, 2004
Thought about
She pondered the fact.
by giggirl2005 April 10, 2017
The act of pulverizing a vagina while in a pond.
My girlfriend and I ponderized so hard last night.
by deathbringer14 October 8, 2015
adj/ state of being in which one ponders, as a result of confusion or otherwise befuddlement, for prolonged periods of time.
Those Brits laugh at our American ponderance about their magical kingdom of Middle Earth.
by Definitelynotshakespeare August 11, 2012