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"Pommie bastard" is the absolute & highest accolade that an Australian can ever give to a British person. if you are lucky enough to be called a Pommie bastard by an Aussie then you know for sure they appreciate you like no other. They might (and probably do) hate your fucking guts - but have no fear, they will respect and admire you forever.
It is a term used most often, but not exclusively, in cricket. Especially if they happen to get beaten. Australians really do not like to be beaten at cricket, especially by "the Pom bastards" - (shortened version, please note)>
Banjo: "Hey Bruce, been watching the cricket"?
Bruce: "Too right mate, too right".
Banjo: See that Pommie bastard scored a fuckin' ton - 125 not out - before lunch, man you gotta hand it to him, some fucking batsman eh"?
Bruce: Yeh, fucking Pommie bastard, wish he was in our side.
Banjo: Yeh cobber, too true, what a fucking Pommie bastard.
by SW6 July 12, 2018
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