POMS is an acronym for "Piss on Myself." Similar to LOL, which is "Laugh out Loud," and ROTF, "rolling on the floor." POMS is a slightly more expressive version.
POMS!!! That joke was hilarious!
by turnerbrown August 28, 2004
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abbreviation for: "poop-bomb", known as uncontrollable diarrhea.
"Dude, these greasy french fries are just asking for me to pom!"

"Ugh, i don't want to hear about your pomming issues!"
by harrypommer April 10, 2010
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Guy 1: yo I’d smash 100%
Guy 2: POMS!!!!
Guy 1: yea I enjoy sports
by Whitley shrivers June 25, 2018
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Post Orgasm Munchies - The hunger that inevitably follows sex
Guy: "That was amazing..."
Girl: "I want cheesecake now... all those orgasms led to some major P.O.M."
by HungryKitty June 13, 2011
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Parent. Over. My. Shoulder
Guy:so u ditching skool 2 day?
guy#2: hey p.o.m.s
Guy: so hows your report???=D
by Steven Vazquez June 17, 2008
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Proud of myself
I am really poms of not getting that girl oregnant
by Epicureanhoe April 16, 2020
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