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The quintessential sport. Played in teams of six (goalie, two defense, one mid, two forwards) or more. Essentially hockey played in a (preferably padded) gym with sticks with foam on the end. Polo hockey is full contact, and the general rule is "No blood, no foul"-Deuce. It is dominated by the male population, as few females are willing to risk life and limb for glory. Injuries are commonplace, and the only penalty is for picking up the ball when not a goalie. When the score results in a tie, one overtime period is played. If the tie remains, the teams enter a shootout. Polo hockey is an integral part of life and shapes a person physically as well as mentally.
MT: Did you hear about Tater?
SG: Yeah he got his dome split playing polo hockey.

CC: Yo did you see BKs crotch shot during polo hockey?
JH: Nah brah, I was doing my homework.
by Il duce. September 19, 2008
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