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1: The unreasonable expectation by mainstream society that supporters of nonmainstream political parties must conform to the goals, expectations, and norms established by the mainstream political parties, the Republicans and Democrats, and accept that those parties’ agendas and priorities are supposedly more important theirs is in order to fit in. This often leads to lack of imagination when dealing with various political issues and designing policies, which can render a lot of policies ineffective.
2: A camo pattern that always has blue and red, sometimes with two or more of the following colors, which are white, grey, and or black. These patterns are used to indicate opposition to the suppression of nonmainstream political parties; as well as indicate you support the nonmainstream political parties, such as the Reform Party, Pirate Party, Libertarian Party, Alliance Party, and Constitution Party.
3: A camouflage pattern that uses certain colors which are used to represent a specific political party. Usually, it is done to show support for a nonmainstream political party.
Sophia: Hey. Earl that is a nice colorful shirt you’re wearing. Where did you get that?
Earl: It is a political camouflage shirt, which is used to show opposition to the political suppression of nonmainstream political parties. I had to custom order this from a special company online that lets you put your own designs on the product.
Sophia: Nice.
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by Vanguard 1998 July 20, 2021
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