A belief derived from feminist ideology that women, no matter their sexual orientation, should not be heterosexual because men are the enemy - in their eyes. It is fairly controversial, as it's typically used as a tool for horny lesbians to trick straight women into hooking up with them. Another controversial aspect is the fact that it is saying you can choose your sexual orientation, something the gay community definitely does not agree with.
Political Lesbianism is probably something Rachel Maddow and Rosie O'Donnell have used to get into straight women's pants.
by spootyhead November 10, 2016
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A belief by women who are so undesirable by everyone usually due to some combination of bad attitude, unpleasantness, wanting to use someone as arm candy, and generally being fat and unhygienic that they become political lesbians, encouraging bi chicks to not date men or strait women to become lesbian. There are generally two types of these women, first type are strait but they are undesirable to men so they want to get revenge on the men whomst refused to date men by converting as many women as possible to be lesbians. The second type is lesbians who are fat and creep on non-obese lesbians whomst hope to convert strait women to lesbian so they can take advantage of someone not familiar with lesbian dating, known to target especially inexperienced women or women on the autism spectrum. Legbeard bi women usually don't end up here since they alternate between hating men and woman depending on the gender of the last crush to reject them was.
lesbian 1: don't date her, she is a political lesbian type 1 she just wants revenge on men
bi chick: what of Karen, she asked me out?
lesbian 1: don't date her either she is a political lesbian type 2, she will just use you for arm candy to prove she is the fat chick whomst can get the attractive lesbians.
by TheS August 15, 2022
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