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~One day during pole vaulting practice~
Vaulter 1: Pole vaulting is the best high there is. I get high every day right here!
Vaulter 2: Yeah man! I LOVE getting high!
(Coach comes and watches vaulting)
Coach: You guys gotta get higher!
Both Vaulters: Alright!
by GemeinhardtGal May 22, 2007
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When an unfamous woman uses a famous man's penis to launch into her own fame.
Kim Kardashian got famous from pole vaulting off of Ray Jay's junk.
by CongoJack July 03, 2017
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The British version - The action of slapping a man and/or woman in the face with your erected penis. Depending on the force of your polevault you can sometimes cause the 'Polevaultee' to lose balance. Thus having made the PERFECT Polevault!.
"aww Dude I just flopped it out and was Polevaulting them both, Billy and Kattrin right round the face."

"No way!"

"Yes way!, Kattrin couldn't even speak afterwards"

by Spasmin November 03, 2009
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