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(n) a nerdy/dorky/asshat person (most likely male) who lives in the basement of their mother's house and is around the age of 35 (ages may vary according to level of bitchdom). someone who is addicted to other people's comments on websites like clipaday, youtube etc.Symptoms may begin to occur around adolescents when the subject engages in too much video game activity or scholastic endevours (eg halo, counter strike, math club, and science fairs). Typical behavior includes excessive amounts of time engaged in internet browsing, over-emotional reactions to loss at FPS games, comic book reading, Sci-fi entertainment in the form of movies or the television station.
Dude you really need to get out of the house sometime! You are turning into a Poker Thom.

Sorry man, I didn't realize I was being that gay! I just need to get laid.
by IM_FIRST September 04, 2008
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